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Ecopella is an environmental choir that sings about the beauty of our world and the struggle to protect it from exploitation and destruction. Founded in 1998 by musical director Miguel Heatwole, the choir serves the environment movement by providing activists and audiences with the opportunity of enjoying a very high standard of a cappella singing. The strong environmental message of Ecopella's Save-The-World Music encourages positive change in people's thoughts and actions and offers support to a wide variety of green organisations.

Ecopella originated in Sydney and we now have branches in the Blue Mountains, Illawarra, Southern Highlands, Canberra and the Central Coast as well. We have over 460 performances to our credit, embracing a wide range of events: benefit concerts, protests, campaign launches, community gatherings and folk festivals.

You might expect a choir that sings about the environment to be a gloomy ensemble, but Ecopella's sense of fun fills each performance with positive and satirical messages. Even when the mood becomes serious the beauty and solemnity of the music is uplifting. Many of the pieces are original compositions and most of the arrangements are ours also. Stylistically our influences include folk, classical, popular songs, and occasionally jazz.

The choir welcomes new members and opportunities to perform. Although we accept payment, we often donate or discount our services to unfunded community organisations. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you would like to sing with us, or us to sing for you!

Coming gigs

Friday 6 March 2015
Short And Sweet Festival <- click for website
Performing Arts Centre, The Concourse, Chatswood <- click for map

Saturday 14 March 2015
Art Not Apart Festival <- click for website
various venues tbc Canberra
1pm - 7pm

Saturday 28 March 2015
Earth Hour - creative conversations on climate change <- click for website
Annandale Creative Arts Centre
81 Johnston St, Annandale, Sydney


Weekend 24-26 April 2015
St Albans Folk Festival  <- click for website
Town of St Albans, north of Sydney

Ecopella environment choir before gig in Canberra 2013

photograph by Christine Watson


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